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Programming / Visit

  • What can you see in the museums? 



  • How do I get to the museums?

You can find practical information on how to get there on the page of the respective museum.

  • Do you have audio guides?

The Musée des Beaux-Arts, the Musée des Arts décoratifs, the Musée Archéologique, the Musée Historique, the Aubette 1928, the Musée de l'Œuvre Notre-Dame and the Musée Alsacien have audio guides.

  • I would like to prepare a visit for students.

To book and prepare your visit, find out who to contact and what tours are available here.

Tickets / Prices

  • What can be seen with the admission ticket?

The admission ticket gives access to the permanent collections, the exhibitions and the guided tours.

  • Who is entitled to free admission?

Admission to museums is free  :

  • for everyone on the first Sunday of every month, 
  • for everyone under the age of 18, 
  • Eurometropolis employees with their identity card, 
  • for holders of the Culture, AtoutVoir and Édu'Pass, Guide-conférencier cards 
  • for disabled visitors and 1 accompanying person 
  • for students of art and art history, 
  • for people looking for work, 
  • for recipients of social assistance, 
  • for holders of the Museum-PASS-Musées, 
  • for holders of the Pass'Alsace (access to 2 museums of your choice), 
  • for all holders of the ICOM card


  • Are there cloakrooms or lockers in the museum?

Currently the Vigipirate plan is at level 2, lockers are available at the entrance.

  • Do you lend out prams / wheelchairs?

Yes, you just need to make an application at the museum ticket office.

  • What kind of dining facilities does the museum offer?

The restaurant l'Art café is located above the MAMCS.

  • Are animals allowed in the museum?


  • Is it possible to eat inside the building?



  • How do I get a pass?

You must apply at the ticket office : 

Pass 1 day 16 €/8€  Pass 3 days 20 €/12 €

Other questions

  • I would like to take photos in the museum.

Photos for personal use are no problem (without flash), for commercial and professional purposes please contact the Communications Department.

  • I would like to rent a room / privatise an area in the museum.

Please send your request to this address:

  • I would like to make a film or a professional recording.

Please send your request to this address:

  • I own an object that might interest you.

You can contact the museum that might interest you.