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Strasbourg 1918-1924. Illustrators look at the Return to France

In illustrations and other media such as the posters, postcards or press cartoons of the time, the Tomi Ungerer Museum explores the complexity of the return of Strasbourg to France after 1918.

At times virulently, famous artists bear witness to this period: Dorette Muller, Hansi,Zislin and others who remain anonymous. Drawings by Tomi Ungerer are presented as a counterpoint to their illustrations. Having lived through the Second World War, Ungerer, a Strasbourg-born artist, revisited the subject in particularly caustic tones. Satirical drawings and propaganda images mingle to reflect the two great themes of contemporary historical reality: the enthusiasm aroused by the liberators and what has been called the Alsatian malaise, with its germ of autonomism. The illustrators re-use the same motifs and themes for different purposes because they are emblematic of Alsace: Strasbourg cathedral or a girl in Alsatian costume form recurring leitmotivs, adapted to the cause they are meant to defend.

The exhibition is being held In partnership with Strasbourg City Archives and Historical Museum.

Musée Tomi Ungerer — Centre international de l’Illustration benefits fom the support of ES.