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angle-left History looked at Differently Robots and other Accidents by Tom Gauld

History looked at Differently Robots and other Accidents by Tom Gauld

Strasbourg Historical Museum 16 March – 29 April 2018


As part of Strasbourg's Rencontres de l'Illustration events, éditions 2024 publishers and British illustrator Tom Gauld have infiltrated Strasbourg's Historical Museum to propose an offbeat look at the city's history.
Designed as part of a tour of the museum's permanent collections, the exhibition has given Gauld a chance to interact with existing pieces in the museum. In one place a prehistoric robot is sharpening an arrowhead, while further on one of Gauld's cartoons echoes strangely with a master painting and elsewhere a Gallo-Roman vase-robot has sneaked into a museum showcase ... 
From Knight Robots down to European Robots, Gauld's little sculptures and drawings are here to question history. Rounding off showcases with significant hints, or giving offbeat readings of historical events, Gauld at once disturbs, challenges and amuses us. 
All the time he is challenging our ways of seeing – facilitating the rediscovery of what we see.  
This rethinking of the Museum's collections urges us to think about how objects are perceived and how history is deciphered. At the same time the discovery of Tom Gauld's world gives young and old a chance to manipulate, recompose and appropriate different robots In the course of their visit.
Originally designed as part of the FUMETTO festival at Lucerne's Historical Museum in 2016, the visit presented here has been adapted, modified and considerably enriched to fit in with the Strasbourg Historical Museum collections.

Exhibition Curators: Simon Liberman, Olivier Bron (representing éditions 2024) and Tom Gauld



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