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Joyful Frictions

For its 20th anniversary, the MAMCS is renewing the layout of its permanent collections. Modern and contemporary art are being brought together on both levels of the museum, showing how certain aesthetic and thematic concerns of the 19th century developed during the 20th century.

"Joyful Frictions" also brings together different techniques to illustrate interaction between various artistic trends. In general, the new presentation responds to three main objectives: demonstrating the collection's unique quality, displaying rarely seen monumental works and combining chronological and formal approaches. The trail has been built around the collection's key artists: Gustave Doré, Claude Monet, Paul Signac, Hans Arp, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Alain Séchas and Bertrand Lavier.

Through them are explored the theme of the sacred, the links between painting and photography, the brush-stroke, the avant-gardes, abstraction, formlessness and language. From 6 November, "Joyful Frictions" will occupy other museums in Strasbourg. Works by Patrick Neu will be exhibited in the Rood Screen Room of the Œuvre Notre Dame Museum, while Raymond-Émile Waydelich will make an appearance at the Tomi Ungerer Museum. Thomas Huber's aquariums will observe the Zoological Museum's display cases while at the Historical Museum, Annette Messager embroiders handkerchiefs with charmingly mischievous proverbs. These are just some of the "Happy Frictions" to be seen, not forgetting those appearing at the Alsatian Museum.