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Infiltrating the Museum

The Historical Museum of the City of Strasbourg is hosting the productions of students from the print sections of the Strasbourg and Mulhouse HEAR campuses, the Lorraine School of Art in Metz and the National Higher School of Art and Design in Nancy. Infiltrating the existing scenography, they resonate with the museum's collections.

Engraving workshops in art schools set up dialogues between ancient printing techniques and today's issues in the visual arts. The students are in physical contact with the images created, they print them one by one and speculate on our relationship with the image. They open up possibilities of this non-paper medium towards volume, sound, textile and plastic media, light, foldings, digital art, installations etc. The "prints" produced allow students to finalize and disseminate their work outside the school. This exhibition project reflects the diversity of this medium's approaches. It is at once paradoxically anachronistic and completely in phase with current speculation on the status of the image.