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In Pursuit of the Magic Whatsit! Ball of Fire

As part of the 'Illustration Encounters' Convention, Anouk Ricard and Étienne Chaize, accompanied by Éditions 2024, are occupying the collections of Strasbourg's Historical Museum.

As they seek to save their village from terrible danger, the heroes of the book Ball of Fire traverse a magic portal and land in the heart of the Historical Museum, searching for a forgotten but powerful artifact. Their weird quest, both an adventure and a parody of the genre, is also the occasion for a quirky and surprising journey through the museum's collections. Find the characters scattered between the exhibits or in the display cases, follow their story and discover the hilarious world of Anouk Ricard and Étienne Chaize! An illustrator and author of comic books, Anouk Ricard is the author of the Anna & Froga youth series, as well as comic strips such as Inspector Toumi, News Items, Experts (at Everything). Étienne Chaize, in between producing a trendy album cover and a Californian T-shirt, is the author of brilliant books like Quasar versus Pulsar or more recently Helios.

This exhibition was staged for the Historical Museum by Èditions 2024.

Exhibition Curators: Simon Liberman and Olivier Bron.