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Friedrich Dürrenmatt. Satirical Drawings

The Swiss writer, playwright, painter, illustrator and lithographer Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921-1990) made his name outside Switzerland with plays including Es steht geschrieben (1947) and Der Besuch der alten Dame (1955).

The exhibition stages his illustrations, a little known facet of his work. Here, Dürrenmatt's satirical drawings are linked with those of Tomi Ungerer for Babylon, published in 1979 with a preface by the the Swiss author. With its natural, unforced line, his graphic work is evidence of the ease with which he moved from writing to drawing. There is a discussion of the various expressive registers used, for example in cartoons, or in the illustration for the ballad Minotaurus (1985).

Also discussed are his different techniques, such as drawing in Indian ink or lithography. The artist's original works come from the Dürrenmatt Foundation in Neuchâtel and Swiss private collectors. In parallel to this are original drawings by the Geneva artist Helge Reumann, including his satirical comic SUV.

Exhibition being held in partnership with the Consulate General of Switzerland, research advisor Peter André Bloch.

Exhibition Curator: Thérèse Willer, Head Curator, Musée Tomi Ungerer — Centre International de l’Illustration