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Experimamcs !

"ExpériMAMCS!" is an area in the museum where the visitor can make stimulating and unique experiments. These 'alternative' encounters with the MAMCS' modern and contemporary collections are meant for all –amateur, neophyte, specialist or simply curious – right down to the very youngest.

Through physical immersion or in the activities proposed, the visitor discovers the museum and how it functions behind the scenes. How is an exhibit displayed? How is it illuminated? How can we decrypt its content? What place do we give to subjective or poetic interpretations? How can the visitor express his own creativity? In the five spacious Expérimamcs areas, the visitor, in turn a Baudelairean flâneur, explorer, creator or producer of content and meaning, is free to experiment with all these questions, either alone or with family or friends.

From April 2019, "ExpériMAMCS!" will be be updated in line with future museum events. After the pop and graphic world of the FAILE collective and the world of everyday objects reinvented by Joana Vasconcelos, we will be occupying the mezzanine space for the exhibition on Damien Deroubaix with engraving in all its forms: woodcut, lithography,etching, dry point, etc. This key moment is both an opportunity to practise and experiment with engraving techniques and to rediscover the MAMCS collection, together with works by artists currently being displayed in other areas of the museum.