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Franck Hoppmann/Michel Kichka In Tomi Ungerer's Line

This new instalment of the Strasbourg Illustration Forum is devoted to Tomi Ungerer, who died in February 2019. In this particular context, two artists working in the same field as their illustrious forebear are being presented at the Tomi Ungerer Museum.

Frank Hoppmann (born in 1975) became known in Germany for his cartoons of political figures and his satirical drawings published in the press. The illustrator and cartoon artist Michel Kichka (born in 1954) is currently the leading figure in Israeli caricature and satirical drawing, thanks to his contributions to various European newspapers and his drawings as an editorialist for Israeli television. While these two illustrators recognize Ungerer's influence on their work – they have inherited his love of line and stylistic rigour – at the same time, their styles differ and their approaches are strongly contrasted. What ultimately brings them together is their critical view of our world.

Exhibition Curator: Thérèse Willer, Head Curator, Musée Tomi Ungerer — Centre International de l’Illustration