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Blutch. Making a Mark

For the fourth year running, the Museums are participating in the "Illustration Encounters" convention, organized under the auspices of the City of Strasbourg and this year's convention patron, the cartoonist Blutch. Other partners are the city's Media Centres, HEAR, the Shadok and Fauteuil Vapeur.


Blutch, a well-known French comic strip creator, has agreed to choose a number of works from four important collections in the Strasbourg Museums: the Prints and Drawings Cabinet, the MAMCS, the Museums Library and the Tomi Ungerer Museum. This carte blanche is being exhibited as part of "Joyeuses Frictions", a new trail through the MAMCS' permanent collections. Plates from five of his works Variations (Dargaud, 2017), Moon, the Other Side (Dargaud, 2014), Modern Speed (Dupuis "Aire libre", 2002), Epic (Cornelius, 1998) and Mitchum ( Cornelius, 1996-1999) are associated with the works selected, as examples of consensus, influence or dissent. Through some sixty drawings and engravings, new dialogues are established between Gustave Doré, Tomi Ungerer, Max Klinger, Druillet, Böklin, Blutch and many others.

The invitation extended to Blutch continues in Aubette 1928 with the presentation of the plates from To Put an End to the Cinema, a cartoon-essay published in 2011. In this book, Blutch portrays both himself and his favourite actors and actresses, including Jean Gabin, Michel Piccoli, Burt Lancaster, Claudia Cardinale and Catherine Deneuve. As a discerning film fan, he includes the directors and films that have left their mark on him, films like Tarzan and Psycho. He deftly steers a route between the derisory and the fantastic, between irony and declarations of love.