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Babel Stùbe. My Culture, Your Culture, Our Culture

The reference to the tower of Babel suggests not only cultural differences but also our universal condition beyond frontiers, our similarities outweighing our differences.

The Stùbe is of course the traditional Alsatian living room, a place for exchanges and give-and-take. With this exhibition, the result of a participatory project devoted to the theme of hospitality and conducted with the Strasbourg Council of Foreign Residents during the 2018/2019 season, the Alsatian Museum sets out to counter the idea of Alsatian culture as something fixed or airtight. How is butter made in Alsace and how is it made in Iran? Is the terrible Dockele so different from its Russian cousin? How do you break a sugar loaf in the Kochersberg and how do you break one in South America? Along this museum trail, the collections dialogue with objects and illustrations of cultures from elsewhere. Coming from yesterday and today, they enrich our shared heritage and give it life.

In partnership with the Strasbourg Council of Foreign Residents.